Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

Wow...Brookston sure did get to celebrate his 4th birthday. Over and over and over again!

First, it was his birthday party at "the jumpy place"....

He's in the turquoise blue shirt, there's a group of them doing the hokey pokey in the middle, following the 2 party coaches in the neon green shirts! :)

Nana had Sutton while he napped. He took a great nap during the party!

The awesome chair for the birthday boy to open presents!

Watching the opening of presents!

Papa and Sutton during the party

Opening more presents

The cake

Another view of the cake. Brookston wanted a racetrack with Lightning McQueen, The King AND Chick Hicks. This was my first "free handed" cake. My others were always done by a shaped pan. So, I was pretty pleased with the outcome! And of course most importantly, Brookston loved it!

Then there was his actual birthday.

Presents at home!

Sutton really liked the balloon!

Brookston took cupcakes, cookies, juice and treat bags to school!

He only stayed at school until right before lunch. We took him out to lunch and sang to him before eating bagel pizza!

The went to Chuck E Cheese that night!

We sang to him again...and again in PIZZA! My oh my, lucky 4 year old, right???

And do you notice that sign behind Brookston's head in the picture above. It says "follow me for Free Tickets". Ummmm, yeah, the kids had a blast, but you'll see below the tickets...

First it was dancing and cheering with Chuck E

Then there were tickets....all S-I-N-G-L-E tickets! I was joking with the woman that these were all the tickets they didn't want to deal with...she admitted that yes, they were!

Because we had to put each one individually into the ticket counter! Don't get me wrong, it was awesome to get hundreds of tickets...but OH MY!!!! It was a long, long LONG process!

The evening wraps up for this lucky little 4 year old! It's hard to believe it's been 4 years. Four wonderful years! Happy Birthday Brookston!

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