Friday, May 27, 2011

Sutton's 6 months

Our sweet Sutton is 6 months old today!!

So hard to believe that we were just meeting our little man 6 months ago. Cuddling him, stroking his soft skin, listening to his first cries, looking into those gorgeous eyes! Hard to believe that our family grew from 4 to 5, just 6 months ago. While time has sure gone quick, it also seems like Sutton has always been a part of this family.

Brookston and Kaisley are amazing big siblings! They love him so much and take such good care of him while mommy is "coming in just one minute!" They have always been so soft and caring towards him.

Sutton has the sweetest, easy to please personality all day long. All he needs is a little eye contact and he'll flash you the biggest smile. A tiny bit more love and you'll get a good giggle from him! He thinks he's pretty hot stuff when he's on his belly or playing with his toys. He sure does seem to love his life as the baby brother!

Night time is a slightly different story. He's been struggling, well, since birth! We've tossed around the idea of allergies to reflux. He screams, a lot! He has trouble settling and well, mommy is tired beyond my wildess dreams. I never thought, at 6 months, I'd be sleeping less than I've slept with a newborn. But even with the night time troubles, the next morning I get the biggest, warmest smiles...he melts my heart to pieces!

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Jenny said...

He is all Richard! Mitch, no offense, but I don't see you at all in him! :) Such a handsome little boy with a beautiful smile. I can't believe he is already 6 months old - that is just crazy!