Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nana and Papa visit

Nana and Papa came to town for Brookston's birthday and party. And of course we had lots of other fun while they were here. These are the pictures from their visit, non birthday related.

Nana painted Kaisley's toes (this was a first for her!)

The kids enjoying a new park

Papa and Kaisley at the park

Nana and Sutton at the park

Sutton loving the fresh air

Kaisley got pigtails every day, done by Nana!

We went to Brookston's soccer practice and the weekly dinner out after practice with friends from the team. It was Nana & Papa's anniversary, but evening practice means we need something quick for dinner. So they celebrated their anniversary at a pizza buffet, they're such troopers! :)

Then there was the actual game! Go Yellow Jackets!

Kaisley got new dresses. The pigtails, bows, dress, and shoes...she was LOVING life! Twirling in her dress, bobbing her hair, tapping her shoes! :)

Nana, Papa, Brookston & Kaisley went to see "Rio" (the movie)

We went to Kaisley's Little Gym class

Sutton enjoyed Little Gym too!

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