Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last soccer game

I do believe Brookston had a great time playing soccer this year! These are pictures from our last game.

Brookston and Coach Ken doing a throw in.

The kids all got awards!

I can't remember if someone suggested they be "silly" or "stick their tongue out", but looking at this picture, it sure seems like the suggestion was tongues out! :)

We had a party afterwards and I made cupcakes. The numbers are the numbers from the kids' shirts. The green ones are "grass" and my soccer balls, well, they were a learning experience! ha!


Unknown said...

I was noticing the tongues last night also, I just said to be silly. I guess when you are 4 sticking out your tongue is REALLY silly.

Michelle said...

Oh funny! I thought I remembered "be silly"! Every single one stuck their tongue out!!!! :)